Gaumont projector
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29 juli 2010
For sale: Gaumont Kalee projector

Very beautiful classic old time projector for 35mm film. Makes a very nice demonstration set-up for education or window dress-up for a cinema foyer, museum foyer, shopwindow etcetc.

Type is a Gaumont Kalee from England United Kingdom. Lens is anamorphot 63 2x. Accessoiries are two reels, films.

The projector is in beautiful shape and can possibly be made to run after cleaning and re-aligning. But this would require considerable expertise and insight. This cannot be supplied by Parallaxe.

Machine's height is about a men's length (2 meters)

The projector is now on display in the Amsterdam Parallaxe shop.

Seller will take care of transportation within a radius of 149km of Amsterdam, Netherlands. In such case E 250,= in advance is required. Also assistence will be given with assembling the projector to the state as it was on display in the shop. Time to spend is limited and only after agreement on planned schedule.
The machine in its former set-up with its alternate projector.
Front view